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Well, today's the day of my operation to fix my deviated septum and some other nasal/sinus issues. Bit nervous. Funnily enough, more about the needle used for the general anaesthetic than about the operation itself. Damn needles! And I just hope the discomfort afterwards isn't too bad. At least I'm not somebody who gets high and loopy from painkillers, at least from anything I've had before.

I have to stay in overnight, but all going according to plan, they will release me tomorrow morning. Shame I don't have a laptop, but odds are they don't have wi-fi anyway, and I'm looking forward to getting some reading done, assuming I am not totally out of it.

It'll be good to have it done, at least. I'm sick of my nose being so blocked up.

Have a good one, folks.
Tags: health, hospital
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