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Twice if you're lucky: Crowded House in Melbourne

Over the last couple of nights, I have had the pleasure of being able to see Crowded House twice in the Forum Theatre, a much nicer and more intimate setting than Rod Laver Arena, where I saw them last year. I don't intend to provide any sort of lengthy review here, just the setlists and some brief thoughts.

I would normally present the shows in their actual order, but in this case, I'm going to start with the second show. It was a quality gig and should be seen as such. However ... the first was something else entirely. I don't want to present the second as just living in the first's shadow.

Crowded House live at the Forum Theatre, Melbourne, on 3 December 2008

1. When You Come
2. World Where You Live
3. The Intriguer (formerly 789)
4. Fall At Your Feet
5. Don't Stop Now
6. Lucky (aka Twice If You're Lucky, Lucky Lola)
7. Four Seasons In One Day
8. Inside Out
9. In My Command
10. Silent House
11. Either Side Of The World
12. Amsterdam
13. Don't Dream It's Over
14. Distant Sun
15. Locked Out

16. Something So Strong
17. Italian Plastic
18. Mean To Me
19. Weather With You
20. Better Be Home Soon

(The printed setlist contained a new song called Better Things at #17, with Italian Plastic at #18 and Mean To Me not in the setlist.)

When You Come was a fantastic opener, and I was thrilled the band played In My Command. I wish I were as excited about Italian Plastic as most people are, but with the exception of How Will You Go, I think everything on Woodface after Fame Is absolutely blows. Italian Plastic at least is tolerable live, and I am glad Mean To Me worked its way into the set as it's truly a fantastic song. The new songs were also very interesting; I'm not so sure how I feel about Amsterdam, but Lucky, 789, Either Side, and Inside Out all seem to have potential.

Crowded House live at the Forum Theatre, Melbourne, on 2 December 2008

1. Locked Out
2. World Where You Live / You Sexy Thing (snippet)
3. Isolation
4. Turn It Around
5. Pineapple Head / The End (snippet)
6. Amsterdam
7. Nick Seymour's improv about Bernard's Magic Shop
8. Don't Stop Now
9. People Are Like Suns
10. Chocolate Cake
11. Not The Girl You Think You Are
12. Heaven That I'm Making
13. Lucky (aka Twice If You're Lucky, Lucky Lola) / Lola (snippet)
14. Fall At Your Feet
15. Whispers And Moans
16. Love You 'Til The Day I Die
17. When You Come

18. It's Only Natural
19. Cars Collide
Question and answer session
- Woman asks how old Neil's son Elroy is - "old enough!"
- Guy's wife is about to have a baby so he asks Mark Hart to name the child if it's a boy, Nick Seymour to name the child if it's a girl. Mark suggests Atticus and sings a brief number about how "Atticus is a good name for a boy" while Nick suggests Emily.
- Another guy asks if he and his band can play Private Universe with them; Neil takes him up on it! As they come up, Nick does improv about them.

20. Private Universe
21. Distant Sun
22. Weather With You

23. Instrumental improv jam, dubbed "I Am Atticus" - Neil on drums and Matt on keys
24. This Is Massive (first verse and chorus only)
25. Fingers Of Love
26. Throw Your Arms Around Me
27. Matt Sherrod's drum solo
Banter includes the Hector The Safety Cat song, referencing an old Victorian road safety campaign.
28. Better Be Home Soon

(The printed setlist had just "Fingers Of Love and whatever" written for the second encore! Also, I know I'm missing some snippets, and I am only about 90% sure of the placement of the Hector The Safety Cat song.)

HOLY FUCKING SHIT, WHAT A GIG. The band absolutely threw everything into it. When they finished the main set at 10:40, I thought we were going to have a quick twenty minute encore and that would be it. I did not expect them to play for over an hour more. The show ultimately ran for 2 hours and 47 minutes. The banter was continuously hilarious the whole night, especially the question and answer session, which began with Neil wanting to know when the upper level of the Forum was closed up - he passed the mic around until he got an answer. I am absolutely thrilled they did Choccie Cake, Love You 'Til The Day I Die, Throw Your Arms Around Me, and Isolation. Isolation is the unreleased new song I know the best, as I have seriously over-played a YouTube video of it. Turn It Around was astonishing too, with an intense ending of "blame it on the drugs", punctuated with vivid green lighting. The only low point of the night was Not The Girl, a song I vehemently despise; I even blurted out "oh fuck!" when it began. Minor quibble in light of the rest of the show, however! I previously wasn't aware Neil could play drums, and the instrumental jam was very effective. Suppose I should stop rambling, so to end, this version of When You Come was absolutely mindblowing, on another level entirely to the other two times I've heard it live. Classic stuff.

I cannot wait for more Crowded House concerts. Next tour, I may consider following them around Australia much like I've followed U2 and Porcupine Tree in the past.
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