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I get this feeling the world of Axver has entered into a bit of a rut. I wouldn't say a particularly depressed or melancholic rut. I suppose I would consider it a rut of mundanity and monotony. I find myself at a bit of a bored and uninspired loss. In the long term, I look into the future and see very little awaiting me, which is perhaps more intimidating than having looming responsibilities. In the short term, I find life has settled down to a sustained dullness, a process of going to university, sometimes meeting up with friends, often passing time alone online or with a book, not interacting much with the world ... I feel a bit listless and lost without any significantly close friendships in my life, due in part to my friendship groups becoming scattered far and wide and due in part to my own distant personality. It's kind of depressing how I effectively have no plans right now. So to at least have something happening in the short term, I am beginning to look at dragging myself to some upcoming concerts. On the list are:

04/10: Ne Obliviscaris with Sleepmakeswaves and Be'lakor
18/10: Because Of Ghosts with Nick Huggins and Three Month Sunset
31/10: Skipping Girl Vinegar with Ollie Brown and Georgia Fields (This one at least looks quite probable since both Ali and U-Wen want to go.)
08/11: This Is Your Captain Speaking
15/11: Dead Letter Circus

Whether I'll go to even half of those gigs remains to be seen. I am sick of going to shows by myself, but I am also sick of not seeing bands I want to see and not going to enough live music, so it really is a matter of which mood wins out. "I need more live music" won out for Opeth, while I was lucky enough to convince Ali to come and see Laura last week. Opeth were pretty awesome and I got to hear some of my personal favourite tracks such as Bleak, The Night And The Silent Water, and Serenity Painted Death, but I'll think twice before going to the front row at the next metal gig I see. The crowd was much more peaceful when I saw Laura, which I think is always a virtue as it allows you to focus on the music rather than some sweaty wanker draped over you. Laura rocked the fuck out, and I also rather enjoyed one of the openers, The Night Terrors, who use a theremin of all awesome instruments.

While on the topic of music, I've found myself making more Desert Island playlists for upcoming Interference tournaments and for my own enjoyment. Today, I have been working on an almost entirely instrumental list. I find myself listening to a lot more in the way of instrumental music nowadays, perhaps because I've become a bit sick of otherwise good bands ruining their sound with poor vocalists and/or lyrics. So only the final song will have lyrics; thus far, I have some good sequences but I am yet to slot them together as a cohesive whole. I have plenty of time to work on this, though, especially as I intend to submit a complete piss-take for the next edition of the tournament. Either I will do a sell-out disc, including all the stereotypically popular stuff on Interference that I'm known for criticising, e.g. Radiohead and the Arcade Fire, and call it "I'm Going To Win, Bitches" with a picture of Paul McGuinne$$ on the cover. Or I will do my best to traumatise unfortunate listeners with an extreme, inaccessible metal list of furious noise, complete with a black metal track recorded by yours truly - it surely will at least half as listenable and a third as good as any Impaled Northern Moonforest song! I am also seriously entertaining some other ideas for DI lists, such as lists comprised solely of songs released in the same year, or an attempt to see if I can actually make an entire list of songs featuring Steven Wilson in some capacity since he's such a side project whore.
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