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It's been far too bloody long since my last update, so here's a brief one about what's been happening lately. I currently have two rather lengthy updates half-finished, but I don't have the time to actually complete them and they'll probably be of interest to roughly three people on the face of the planet, so I'm not in a tremendous hurry to finish them anyway. They should appear in 7-10 days or so. For now, the latest news from the (not) wonderful world of Axver:

1. I am now legally blind. In full seriousness, I say rock on. My vision hasn't actually changed; the optometrist just took into account my functional vision outdoors rather than just my ability to do some quality guesswork in controlled conditions indoors. So now I can travel for free anywhere in Victoria by train or tram - watch as I take complete advantage of this over the upcoming university holidays. Unfortunately, getting government assistance is a bit more of a hassle, since they require an ophthalmologist to declare me legally blind rather than just an optometrist. Strikes me as pointless red tape, but it's the government, so what do you expect?

2. The last week and this upcoming week are far too intense with university work for my liking. My eyes are certainly feeling the fatigue, but come this time next week, it should all be done and over. I've had to go on a hiatus from Interference to focus; sure, this entry itself is the result of a desire to procrastinate, but writing this is nowhere near as bad as burning a whole afternoon in the postwhorehouse. I'll be back there once one of the two substantial essays I'm working on now is done. Which, all going according to plan, should be by tomorrow night or Wednesday.

3. I am developing quite the distaste towards high school students, at least those that travel on my tram route. One school in particular seems to be quite the bogan institute of learning. I have to wonder why there are not school trams; there are school buses, after all! It would be quite nice if the Education Department would provide some funding to make that happen. Today, after an excessively overcrowded trip, I tried to disembark. Keep in mind, I was using my cane at this point (I actually had it out for balance rather than visual assistance, since the tram was so crowded that I could not reach a handhold), so I was hoping that even if they were a bunch of little shits, they'd move for the blind guy. Of course not. By the time I got out the door, "excuse me please" had turned into "move out the bloody way" as I had to physically push past one particularly dimwitted and inept student to actually get through the doorway. This turkey's brain was either not switched on or incapable of communicating with his legs, as he didn't have the common sense to take three steps backwards out of the tram, let me off, and then hop back on (as more sensible members of the community regularly do on overcrowded peak hour trams). Instead, he just stood in the doorway as I said "excuse me please", looking at me with an expression of "nah mate, there's nowhere I can move". If he didn't catch my "move out the bloody way" as I forcefully shunted past him and stumbled down the steps, I sure hope either my cane or my heavy backpack of books made enough contact with him to leave a nice bruise.

4. Went on steam train excursion to Albury on Saturday. It was the last run of a broad gauge Victorian steam train on the Seymour to Albury section of the northeast line, as the track is being converted from 5'3" broad gauge to 4'8.5" standard gauge starting later this year. We got struck by all kinds of unforeseen delays, not to mention idiot gunzels standing on the fucking tracks to take photos, and our arrival time back to Melbourne at midnight turned into somewhere around 5am - and since the train was so late, it was refused entry to Melbourne as the Craigieburn signalbox had closed for the night, so we had to complete the final stage from Seymour to Melbourne by bus. Nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoyed the trip and figure excursions can only get better from here! Particularly memorable moments would have to be pacing a goods train near Glenrowan that was running on the one standard gauge track already there, riding in the van behind the locomotive at a few points, cruising through Wangaratta station half out the window and waving to the locals who had come out to see the train pass, embarrassing myself with my appalling skills at pool on the return trip when we had a lengthy wait in Wangaratta and decided to kill time in a pub by the station, and (also while we waited in the pub) flatly condemning Kat's "pointless speculation" of trying to win chocolate from some game machine, only for her to get a huge pile of chocolate worth more than the money she put in. I took approximately 500 photos during the day, so expect a photo post when I get around to uploading them over the holidays.

I don't think much else particularly riveting has been happening in my little corner of the world. I hope all of you are keeping well. Have a good one!
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