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Useless shit in Melbourne

Wow, it's been a good few days since I posted. No particular reason, except that I've been a bit busier than I expected to be, and the postwhorehouse over on Interference has sucked away lots of my Internet time. I thought that I'd be feeling a bit lonely, what with Mum and Alan going back to Queensland after an all-too-short visit and Kate no longer in my life, but I've found myself more social than I have been in a long time. I've met up with folks from Interference a few times and that's been very nice, and harmonybear (Kat) and I can't seem to stop heading out and acting like we're railfans. Yeah, me, a railfan, what a surprise. I still can't believe I met a fellow albino railfan in Melbourne though.

Anyhow, while I've been out and about these last couple of weeks, I've found various examples of useless shit in Melbourne that I've photographed and shall now share.

Not quite a staircase, I Not quite a staircase, I
Yesterday, I visited the Brownless Medical Library to get a book on the history of Royal Melbourne Hospital for my work at the Royal Historical Society. On the second floor, I found this staircase ostensibly leading to the third floor. As you can see, it is rather inaccessible and has no hand-rail.
Not quite a staircase, II Not quite a staircase, II
And here is the other end of the useless staircase, leading straight into the ceiling!

Ramp to nowhere, I Ramp to nowhere, I
Today, Kat and I went peak-hour train photographing, and scouted out the surrounds of North Melbourne station. On the western side of the Dynon Road overpass, we found this ramp just disappearing away into weed growth.
Ramp to nowhere, II Ramp to nowhere, II
And here's the bottom of the useless ramp, lost in the weeds.

Spencer Street Station track to nowhere Spencer Street Station track to nowhere
A couple of weeks ago, at Spencer Street Station, Kat and I noticed this railway track between platforms two and three that goes to nowhere. This shot is taken from platform two, with a V/Line passenger train in the ugly new livery at platform three.
Disused railway tracks at North Melbourne station, I Disused railway tracks at North Melbourne station, I
At North Melbourne railway station, between the electric multiple unit stabling tracks and the goods yard, are two disused tracks. Kat and I noticed them today. They have no overhead wires, and as this foot level crossing reveals, the tracks are quite unusable!
Disused railway tracks, II Disused railway tracks, II
A broader view of the disused tracks at North Melbourne, taken from the Dynon Street overbridge.
Disused railway track by Dynon Road Disused railway track by Dynon Road
This railway track is located just off Dynon Road and comes out of what I believe is the Dynon goods yard beside North Melbourne station. Bet it's been a long time since a wagon's been shunted onto this track!

And that's it for useless shit in Melbourne. Maybe in my next post, I'll include something useful!
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