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Well, I had a very nice and very exhausting day today. This morning, I had a lovely morning tea/brunch with a group of other Melburnians with albinism. Then afterwards, harmonybear and I went trainchasing in the city. This involved a considerable degree of walking in rather warm weather, and was thoroughly worth it. There is truly something delightful in not being a lone train nerd for a change! What a good day. My legs are killing me in a way I wasn't aware they could kill me, but it was for a good cause, so I'm not complaining! Absolutely need to do that again.

I would love to post some of my three hundred and seventy photos of trams and trains, but they are all on the Mac and for reasons I am not entirely able to determine, the Internet is refusing to work on it at the moment. I've started a thread over on Whirlpool, an Australian IT forum, so hopefully the issue will be resolved. If it looks like taking a while, I'll just burn them onto a CD and copy them onto the Windows. I've a shitload of photo posts I need to make.

On a completely unrelated topic, I hadn't played Alcest's Souvenirs D'un Autre Monde in a little while, but I've put it on this evening and it's blowing me away all over again. Truly the album of 2007, despite how astonishing Porcupine Tree's Fear Of A Blank Planet is. Neige is an absolute fucking genius. Shoegazer meets positive black metal with traces of post-rock? It shouldn't work, and yet it is one of the most stunningly beautiful things I have ever heard. If I were to do a list of greatest album openers of all time, Printemps Emeraude would certainly be on it, and Tir Nan Og would appear on the equivalent list for album closers.

No full albums from 2008 have seriously captured my imagination yet, though I am highly impressed by Agalloch's EP entitled The White. It may not have an individual track of as high quality as Kneel To The Cross from the Of Stone, Wind, And Pillor EP, but its often folkish and very desolate atmosphere is stunning. The run of Pantheist/Birch White/Sowilo Rune is of the most evocative in the band's history.

Now time to go collapse from exhaustion somewhere.
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