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Two brief flickers of light in my day:

1. I have a work placement at the Royal Historical Society of Victoria. Not yet sure what my project will entail, but I shall find out on Friday. I can't wait. It will be great to do some meaningful, original history work with a practical application rather than merely regurgitating information and arguments with a veneer of originality for a mark. But speaking of marks ...
2. I got the top mark in History subjects for second year students in 2007! I was notified of my award today. I'm fairly stunned. I never really expected to follow my award for top of first year History in Queensland with anything. Besides the obvious increase in expectations from from first to second year, I feel things at Melbourne University are simply on a higher level, at least as far as the History faculty goes. I felt a little out of place during my first couple of months, that's for sure. I don't think I really settled in until the second semester. But I suppose I finally settled in rather nicely in the end! Well, now let's see what I can do with the third year.

Anyway, back to my bleak world. At least it fuels my artistic creativity. Hope the rest of you have a good one.
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