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Wow, I must admit I'm a wee bit impressed. For the first time since March 2005, I made an entry on every single day of a calendar month. It's funny how posting habits change. I made at least one entry for every single day between 29 September 2003 and 12 April 2005 inclusive. At the complete opposite end of the scale, I made just three entries in all of September last year, and missed an entire month between 14 February and 14 March 2007. A lot has come and gone in that time. I started this blog way back in year 11 of high school, and now here I am, heading into my third year of university.

I suppose February was a fitting month during which to write daily. Neither this year nor last have been kind to me at the start, and I will be rather pleased to see March after this miserable month. My paternal grandfather passed away, I lost the friendship of two significant people in my life, and now just to top it all off, my family has had some more drama. One of my uncles is entering into a very poorly considered marriage, and the whole furore over this reached its peak last night when he threw a tantrum at a family gathering and remarked that his mother, my maternal grandmother, should die and burn in hell. To reiterate from yesterday, I will not stand for bullshit, and such repulsive disrespect sickens me. I have already distanced myself from the developing drama, and that was the final straw; I am cutting him out too. Nobody talks to my Nan like that. Nobody.

In happier news, today's cricket between Australia and Sri Lanka was sensational. Undeniably the best game of the series thus far, and what a shame that it was a dead rubber before the finals! It began as per the usual script - the Sri Lankans lost wickets steadily and staggered to a paltry 221, and the Australians began their innings in blistering form, clearly set to chase down the target in double quick time. And then the wheels fell off. Australia crumbled from 0/107, with Adam Gilchrist on course for the fastest limited overs century in Australian history, to 6/123 and Gilly gone for 83 off 50. The Sri Lankan bowlers just tore up the script and threw the shreds to the four winds. The Australian tail-enders tried desperately to hang on, and had 14 runs to get off the final 12 balls with just one wicket in hand. Then Jayawardene made an inspired choice in bringing in Jayasuriya to bowl, and with his first and only delivery of the game, he clean bowled Brett Lee and the game was over! Australia were dismissed for 208 and the Sri Lankans won by 13. It was such a fantastic game, and so tense at the end as Lee and Nathan Bracken fought desperately to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. The game was even here in Melbourne at the MCG, so now I'm regretting not going! Well, in any case, bring on a close finals series between Australia and India in the coming week.

And so ends February. What a month. I'll take a quieter March if at all possible, thanks.
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