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Today has been an insane day. A new U2 song leaked, recorded by someone outside the studio, and it of course sounded like the band were playing underwater - not to mention at the other end of a wind tunnel. Truly hideous quality. And a clearer clip surfaced of The Edge just rehearsing, playing scales, which wasn't terribly interesting. So you'd think that suddenly Interference would explode with thousands of posts over-analysing it.

You would be wrong. Instead, in a random thread voting on the worst song from the Pop album, the most insane spontaneous messageboard discussion in a long time took place. And somehow I managed to burn an entire evening on this thing. I even stopped paying attention to the cricket. It spawned a second thread. We've shot well past 1,300 posts with this in very short time. I think almost a quarter of those are mine. We managed to cover just about every topic under the sun, from Steven Wilson to Christchurch's cathedral and even a bit of terribly amusing wink wink nudge nudge innuendo - and absolutely no U2! Because, of course, who on Interference actually likes U2? That's right, nobody.

In other words, that's why I don't have a worthwhile entry for today. But the epic Postwhoring of Pop Survivor Round 1 needs to be commemorated for the ages, and that's what this is for. I can't remember the last time I had so much fun online.
Tags: insanity, interference, internet, u2

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