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Like every other day in my life ...

... today is a day on which I am alive. Just thought I'd point that out. Or maybe I'm dead. Some days I like to say I am, just for the fun of it. Or maybe I'm the undead. Eh, enough of that.

I'm ill. I feel better than I felt yesterday, and I might have been able to cope at school, but I still feel ill and this fact pisses me off greatly. Come the weekend, I would've been ill for two freaking weeks, and not with something critical or dire, but just some stupid pathetic winter-y cold. This annoys me and I feel like such a freaking attention seeker for some reason. Grr. *bashes illness into a coma*

Why is it that every time I think of listening to more music, music other than U2, U2's music either suddenly becomes extremely meaningful to my life, or I discover something fantastically new about them again? I put on the All That You Can't Leave Behind CD last night ... and I'm still listening to it. It just feels so new, so good, so not-like-the-other-U2-CDs-I'd-been-listening-to. I'm even coming to like Wild Honey a bit, although I simply cannot get into Grace. U2 always seems to reinvent themselves ... listening to ATYCLB in some ways is like listening to a different band than the one that did Pop or Achtung Baby or The Joshua Tree or War. Why get into other bands when there's this one that seems like multiple bands in one? Yes, I am still going to stick to the idea of getting out there and listening to other music, don't worry about that. Just not right now. Soon. Yes, soon.

Oh, by the way, Nineteen Eighty-Four by Orwell is GENIUS. I love this book.

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