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The moon is up and over One Tree Hill

Just a quick post today, mainly for the U2 fans on my friends list. I've already posted that when I visited New Zealand for my 21st birthday last month, my uncle gave me a framed One Tree Hill single. I've finally gotten around to photographing the thing, so here are some pictures. Some very bad pictures! Trying to avoid glare was just about impossible and I'm simply a poor photographer. One Tree Hill, as is no secret, is my favourite U2 song and is named after an extinct volcanic peak in Auckland. As for the single itself, it comes from my uncle's collection - back when it was issued, he bought thirty. I have one of them already, plus this one, while he still has the other 28; as the single was only issued in New Zealand, it's actually worth a fair bit now.

Unfortunately, using the flash wasn't really viable. However, if you ignore the glare, this is probably the best photo.

As you can see, the image quality noticeably declines when I turn off the flash. Anywhere with better lighting also had shitloads of reflection off the glass.

A close-up of the single cover. It's a bit of an odd one that has nothing to do with the song. It's actually the cover for In God's Country, which was released as a single in North America at the same time. Nobody bothered to create a new one for One Tree Hill.

The single itself ... with the reflection of my heater visible!

And the back cover. Unlike the front cover, this one was changed for New Zealand and has an image of One Tree Hill itself. In those days, of course, One Tree Hill still had its one tree.

And since I haven't figured out where to put it yet, the single currently resides on one of my couches, beside my tea towel from the Puffing Billy Railway that I thought was far too nice to use as an actual tea towel and, on Kate's suggestion, put it over the couch instead. Go my reflection too. This was the best, least-marred-by-reflection shot out of a number that I took!

Anyhow, I have a gig to attend. Have a good one, everybody!
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