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Well, today's been pretty good on the music front. I bought tickets for Porcupine Tree in both Melbourne and Brisbane - Sydney's still up in the air and dependent on a couple of factors, but tickets aren't exactly flying out the door at a great rate of knots. I also went and got my ticket printed for the Explosions In The Sky tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to that despite going by myself. What is a little disappointing is how late it is. Apparently they're not expected to be off stage until 20 past midnight,which is going to mean I'll be pushing it a little fine to get home. It seems those who schedule concerts really do not think of those who are dependent on public transport. I hate to think how much a taxi will cost if it comes to that.

In other news, it looks like Liberal Party leader Brendan Nelson has gone and really put his foot in it. He's already taken a lot of flak for his terrible speech at the national apology a couple of days ago, and it turns out that a story he related about one Aboriginal women in some kind of attempt to demonstrate that actions were undertaken with "good intentions" was actually used without even consulting her, let alone asking her permission. Now she's accusing him of misrepresenting her story for political gain. Good on her for speaking out. This guy has the charisma of a tomato, and now it seems he appears to have the grace of a tomato splattering on a wall too. It may be a long way away and lots will surely happen in between, but it's probably reasonable to say that if he's still the Liberal leader at the next election, Rudd will cruise to a second term.

And to change topic again, it looks like life is starting to settle down a bit. I still feel ... all kinds of things, but at least I've got a good weekend to look forward to. Besides tomorrow's concert, I'm aiming to meet up with a few other local U2 fans on Sunday, and of course there's the cricket. If there's one good thing about summer, it's cricket. It's the first weekend of the Super 14 rugby too! That seems a bit strange, given that rugby's a winter sport and all, but the rugby year seems to be getting longer and longer and I'm almost used to the season starting this early now.
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