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Good aspects of today:
1. Daniel (bono_man2002 on Interference, starlighterased here) came over for a visit. It was really nice to just hang around with someone rather than trudging about on my lonesome. I'm probably a terrible host, but for all the jokes my friends back on the Gold Coast like to make about my supposed anti-social tendencies, I really do like just catching up with people and having some company. Especially at the moment; I need to get my mind off other things. I'm not remotely a hermit.
2. After I claimed that Jesu's song Friends Are Evil is the heaviest song I know, Daniel and I discovered that it is just too heavy for computers. I tried to skip ahead to the heaviest portion and my Mac simply froze. Though it's probably fair to say that certain songs by black metal groups such as Wolves In The Throne Room are in fact heavier. It's the droning intensity of Friends Are Evil that makes it really suffocating and intense.
3. After two abysmal losses in the Twenty20 cricket, New Zealand thumped England in the first one-dayer! Miracle of miracles. I'm still trying to figure out where on earth this skill suddenly came from. It's doubtful that this winning way will last terribly long, so I'll enjoy the moment.
4. I got around to doing some vacuuming and such. Not that things were that dirty anyway, and I despise vacuuming, but once it's done I always feel much better about the place.

Bad aspects of today:
... none! So far. Let's not tempt fate.

So now I'm just kicking back having a glass of wine and wondering what to do with my time while trying to not think of next week. On Monday or Tuesday, I'm actually going to try to overcome my crippling shyness and thorough absence of confidence and apply for some jobs. I've got a bit of a resume written and I'm starting to really want a bit of a boost to my income. Not to mention that I want to get a job to shut my father and his miserable partner up.
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