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Tomorrow, I will most likely be home, because I'm feeling rather ill. I'm looking forward to talking to everyone ... just hopefully not at once, seeing that's rather difficult and loathesome. And I'll also be home on Friday, because of athletics carnival (I can't go; if I were to go, I'd get badly sunburnt). Three days without talking to everyone has been ... not fun. I've missed talking to everyone. But now I have four days, so that's cool.

Just when I thought my illness was subsiding and going away, it's come back and hit me again. Started to come back during lunch time at school, and then really hit me during fifth and sixth periods. I'm feeling a bit better now, but I most likely will be home tomorrow.

In other news, I am reading Nineteen Eighty-Four by Orwell and thoroughly enjoying it, up to Act 3 Scene 2 (I think that's right) of Henry V and like it quite a bit, only a small way into Soviet Civilisation: A Cultural History and finding it interesting, and made such a small start on Chekhov: Plays that I will not make a judgement yet. Wow, I love having a lot to read. It's so NICE and WONDERFUL and PLEASANT. I adore reading. And once I'm finished with what I have, or before Mum goes on holiday, whichever is first (almost certainly the latter seeing Mum leaves early Sunday), she's going to hopefully get me (or take me to get with my own money, but preferably the former) Hitch-Hikers Guide To The Galaxy 3-5. I WANT those, so badly. I have them on my computer, but I found reading them like that tiring on my eyes, so I'm going to get them in print form. Plus, I prefer reading stuff in print form.

Anyhow, must go. Am ill, tired, need sleep, stuff along those lines. And I'd like to do some reading, too. I've missed doing decent amounts of reading ...

By the way, excuse any typos. I don't have time to proofread.

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