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Bloody hell, it's lonely here. I'm not having a good evening. I had a fairly decent day and didn't feel too bad about life. I watched coverage of Super Tuesday, because surprisingly SBS here broadcast three hours of live coverage, and got incensed at all the US political things I don't like and wondered how the hell religious lunatics like Huckabee are actually serious contenders in the US. So I joined in on a good discussion on Interference. Otherwise I listened to music and tried to make something of the day. But some people have a remarkable way of just behaving completely inappropriately and bringing up things they shouldn't when I just can't deal with it, I've got enough on my plate right now, and I just feel like complete shit and very lonely. I wish someone was around, so that I wasn't just sitting here staring at a computer screen. I can't even summon up motivation to do much. I'm thankful I am at least cooking. Normally that's the first thing I lose motivation to do, but not this time around.

I've suddenly discovered how good Porcupine Tree's Half Light is. It's the b-side to Lazarus, and was the closing track of Deadwing until the last minute, when it was wisely replaced by Glass Arm Shattering. I had completely written it off upon first listening to it a good while back. Now I must have played it about 17 times in the last couple of days. It's a very soft, beautiful piece, and not quite as melancholic or depressing as something like Collapse The Light Into Earth.

Woohoo. New Zealand gets to lose to England in the cricket tomorrow. Our cricket team is a bad joke right now, and just to make things worse, our one potential saviour, Jacob Oram, is out. I'm almost glad the game's not being shown on free-to-air here. But how's that for you? On Australian free-to-air TV, you can watch live coverage of US primaries, but not New Zealand versus England cricket. I know which I'd rather watch, and it involves rules and terminology even more confusing than that in any electoral system. "In the last over of play before stumps, he clean-bowled one of the openers with a deceptive change of pace and then on the final delivery trapped the night watchman plumb LBW with a marvellous in-swinging yorker to take a double wicket maiden."

I just want someone to talk to.
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