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So it seems the heavens have aligned to bring Porcupine Tree to Australia

There is a God.

Or at least there are favourable financial conditions that I shall conceptualise as God for they are bringing Porcupine Tree to Australia for the first time ever. First Split Enz and Crowded House both reunite, then Dream Theater finally come to Australia, and now the best of the lot, Porcupine Tree.

The tour:

25/04: The Metro, Melbourne
26/04: The Enmore, Sydney
27/04: The Tivoli, Brisbane
(Source: OzProg, who are co-presenting the tour just like they're co-presenting Dream Theater right now.)

I will obviously go to the Melbourne gig, and I'll go to the Brisbane show as well since it's a convenient excuse to go back and visit the family. I will make Sydney happen if at all possible, though this is somewhat dependent on pricing - which is yet to be announced. The really convenient part? This will barely clash with university. The 25th is a public holiday, ANZAC Day (though I do wonder - will the gig be shunted back to the 24th?), and the 26th and 27th are Saturday and Sunday. I can fly home to Melbourne on Monday morning and be back in time for afternoon classes. If I receive a favourable schedule this coming semester, I won't miss a thing; as it stands, I've never had a Monday class earlier than midday so far. Depending on my schedule, which I won't know until late February, I may just stay the Monday with family in Queensland and come home Tuesday morning.

My only concern is that now it looks like my musical life can only possibly go down. There's only one Porcupine Tree and as of this moment, nothing could top this news. I'm sure some amazing band is awaiting me just over the horizon, though.

So, anybody want to go?
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