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So, yesterday, with my new photographic tendency, I took you to Papakowhai and Paremata and depicted ordinary parts of the suburbs on a regular summer weekend. Now I will try to do the same with the Kapiti Coast, travelling from my relatives' old place in Raumati South up the coast through Raumati Beach and Paraparaumu Beach to leave the coast via Kapiti Airport. Not that it's much of an airport any more. It's amazing how much land has been sold for residential development. Again, I'll let the photos stand for themselves. In most cases, I was just taking photos out of the car as we drove various places, though some are from when we stopped at Raumati Beach.

Houses on Hillcrest Ave Herbert Ave
Some other street in Raumati South Some street in Raumati South
Houses near the beach in Raumati South Intersection in Raumati South
Another Raumati South street Going down to the beach!
Fishing competition of some description at Raumati Beach Mana Island from Raumati Beach
Wharemauku Stream's mouth in Raumati Beach Close-up of the Wharemauku's mouth
Looking roughly northwards over Raumati beach Northwards across the Wharemauku Stream
Development along Marine Parade, Paraparaumu Beach Looking south along Marine Parade, Paraparaumu Beach
Suburban Paraparaumu Beach through a tree Suburban Paraparaumu Beach
In the distance, Paraparaumu's statue of Our Lady of Lourdes Kapiti Airport as seen from Kapiti Road

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