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A visit to Paremata and Papakowhai

In one of my recent entries, I mentioned that I might have a little photographic style or at least tendency developing. I like to photograph supposedly mundane and everyday scenes to try to create an impression of what the place is like, to convey it to an outsider and to give some perspective on the ordinary stuff, as opposed to what's meant to be the "interesting" attractions that are normally photographed. So here's a collection from my trip to New Zealand taken around Paremata and Papakowhai, two suburbs about 25 minutes north of Wellington and 5 minutes out of Porirua, at the northern end of the Porirua Harbour's southern arm. I've tried to structure them as a walk from Paremata Railway Station deep into the heart of suburban Papakowhai. You'll notice that some are from different days and times, which I hope adds some more diversity and brings something extra to your perception of the place. I am not going to provide any captions or commentary; I'd like the pictures to stand for themselves without me pointing out details or attributes. I hope this works well. I'll also do this for my hometown in the coming days. I suppose I should point out before I go on that the correct pronunciation of Papakowhai is pretty much "pah-pah-ko-fai".

Paremata Railway Station by Porirua Harbour Porirua Harbour from Paremata
Porirua Harbour from Paremata in the afternoon Paremata Railway Station and environs
Overlooking Paremata North over Paremata
Hillside houses in Paremata Paremata Crescent/Papakowhai Road
A walk uphill in Papakowhai, I A walk uphill in Papakowhai, II
A walk uphill in Papakowhai, III A walk uphill in Papakowhai, IV
A walk uphill in Papakowhai, V A walk uphill in Papakowhai, VI

Residential Papakowhai on the eastern shore of Porirua Harbour Looking to the south over Papakowhai Looking down State Highway 1 from Papakowhai to Porirua

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