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Well, after effectively not having a birthday last year because my mother had been rushed to hospital the day before, this year was a substantial improvement. It was nice to remember what a birthday is meant to be like! I had a very enjoyable 21st. My mother took me out in the late morning for lunch at my favourite bakery; I spent much of the afternoon with Aaron, who I hadn't seen for two years; and I had dinner at a fantastic Italian restaurant with a bunch of friends and family. 10 in total. I can't remember the last time I had that many people at a birthday of mine. I consider any gathering with over six people to be large! It always amuses me when I hear people saying they had "such a small birthday" - and had 15-20 people. That would be overwhelmingly huge to me, and I mean overwhelmingly. I'd feel too uncomfortable with that amount of people. Unless they asked me to give a speech of course; I think I am the reverse of most people and shy away from private speaking while relishing public speaking!

I have also learnt something about my family. I submitted to them a list of books I would like before Christmas, divided into two parts: Kiwi railways and all other stuff. Clearly they did not know what in particular to get me from the choices I provided, so I have suddenly found myself in possession of the entire railway section of the list! One of the best presents I have ever received - and now I am keeping this in mind for future lists! As for the other portion, they managed to find almost a half of it. I have plenty of reading for the plane trip to New Zealand tomorrow - some Dickens, lots of railways, Alexander Solzhenitsyn's Gulag Archipelago, etc.

Speaking of that trip, I have to be up at about arse o'clock tomorrow morning, so I better go and get some sleep. I thought you were meant to stay up late and get pissed on your 21st? What a horrible and unpleasant waste of time that would be. And unlike those of you in the US, I've been legally able to drink for 3 years anyway.

Have a good one, folks!
Tags: birthday, life, railways

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