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Well, here I am back on the Gold Coast. The 2.5 weeks back home shot by rather quickly. I'm only staying here for my birthday tomorrow, and then flying over to Wellington on the 18th. On the 20th, we're making a day trip down to Nelson to see my Grandpa. I spoke to Grandma last weekend and things were not very encouraging, as illustrated by the fact Grandpa was not in a position to talk to me on the phone. I know that as recently as Christmas Eve, he was out pottering in the garden with my father, but things seem spectacularly unpleasant at the moment. I'm worried about the condition I'll find him in come Sunday, but I can't wait to see him. I wish I could stay longer, but he will be very tired and even with the day we're down there, we likely won't be able to spend all of it with him. Hopefully we'll get lots of quality time though - quality over quantity, eh? So we'll be doing that, and then the next morning I will be flying home to Melbourne at some ridiculous time in the morning. The time I will need to get up on Monday morning in New Zealand will be roughly the time I've been going to bed in Melbourne lately. And the timezone difference is just two hours! I'm almost tempted to just stay up all night and sleep on the plane.

I must admit that I won't miss the day that I no longer have to visit Queensland. Yes, it's my usual complaints - too hot, no daylight saving, poorly planned, no trams, etc. I'm really looking forward to going to New Zealand though, even if it's a brief visit. Having my own camera is exceptionally handy. Yes, I suppose it'll be more picture entries when I get home. Hopefully they will be interesting.

Anyway, that's really about it for me. Hope you're all having a good one.
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