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I was thinking of writing a serious entry today, but then I started to feel like shit and I'm simply not up to it. So instead, I would like to share some more photos. I went for a walk around Brunswick West this afternoon, and since having a digital camera is still a bit of a novelty for me (yes, I am aware of how behind the times I am), I took it with me and got some photographs. I still don't feel comfortable taking photos though, even when it's not of trams. A camera's always been something to get out for special events, so taking photos of mundane, ordinary things feels odd. I can't help but wonder what passing people think, and I'm always very careful to avoid getting anyone else in my shots. I'm sure almost everybody else is paying absolutely no attention to me. It's just not what I'm used to. Plus I don't like making overt displays of wealth, and I feel that things like digital cameras and iPods constitute that.

But I come from a family that didn't even have a CD player until 1998. DVD player? I had access to one belonging to other people 2003-06, but I did not get my own until 2007. I go to movie rental stores nowadays and I'm amazed by how much they're taken up by DVDs and how small - or sometimes even non-existent - the video section is. I walk in and can't shake the feeling that I want to rent a video!

Anyway, I'm getting off topic. Here's some photos from my walk. My inner Melbourne suburb and trams and random stuff.

Destruction in Brunswick West Destruction in Brunswick West
On Duggan Street, there is - or was - construction. It would appear some old buildings were ripped out from this site as the footpath indicates it used to be met by driveways and other paths, but no further work appears to have happened for ages, as can be seen by the abysmal state of the fencing. This won't keep anybody out!

It seems that although Brunswick West has been undergoing gentrification and there is plenty of construction activity, some of it is very poorly financed. There is a commercial development beside my tram stop that is also not being completed in a hurry, though it is far further along than this depressing slab of wasteland.
Z3 tram in inner suburbia Z3 tram in inner suburbia
Looking east along Culloden Street, a tram can be seen passing as it descends Melville Road. This is either northern Brunswick West or southern Moreland; the tram is blocking Jacob's Reserve from view. It is operating a northbound route 55 service to West Coburg and is 5 minutes late, seen at 3:11pm on 14 January 2008. I kept wondering where it was, and when I finally gave up and decided to just keep walking, it rocked up.
Electric shoes Electric shoes
Some poor sod's shoes, dangling from the power lines on south Jolley Street. A pretty standard prank but I felt like using the camera.
Albion Street Albion Street
Looking east along Albion Street from the intersection with south Jolley Street. What baffles me is that this narrow street is meant to be one of the main cross-suburb streets, while my own street goes nowhere and is almost twice as wide!
My shadow My shadow
I accidentally took this photo while checking my camera on the corner of south Jolley Street and Albion Street in Brunswick West. My shoe and part of my trousers make a brief cameo. The blur in the top left is my finger. I was too lazy to edit it out.
Hope Street Hope Street
Hope Street in Brunswick West, as seen looking eastwards between Wallace Street and Larnoo Ave. There is a bus service once in each direction every 20 minutes here - I feel sorry for any traffic coming the other way.
Larnoo Ave Larnoo Ave
Some more of suburban Melbourne, this time on Larnoo Ave looking south to Whitby Street. Larnoo Ave? Odd name.
Z3 tram approaching Hope Street Z3 tram approaching Hope Street
At 3:42pm on 14 January 2008, a Z3 class tram slows on Melville Road to stop at the Hope Street intersection. It is a northbound service on route 55 to West Coburg. This has to be the most religious part of the entire suburb - at right, pretty much out of view, is a Catholic Church, while in the background on the left side of the street is a Uniting Church. It would be handy if I were still religious! You're a couple of years too late, guys.
Z3 tram at Melville Road/Hope Street Z3 tram at Melville Road/Hope Street
The same tram as above, at a complete halt at the Melville/Hope stop.
Botched photo of trams passing Botched photo of trams passing
Two Z3 trams passing on Melville Road, just north of the Hope Street intersection, at 3:42pm on 14 January 2008. Unfortunately I botched the timing; I wanted to get the two trams with some space between them, rather than one blocking the other. Both are route 55 trams; the front one is northbound for West Coburg (as seen in the previous two photos) and the one behind it is southbound for the Domain Road Interchange.
Z3 tram stopping at Hope Street Z3 tram stopping at Hope Street
At 3:42pm on 14 January 2008, a Z3 class tram stops on Melville Road at the Hope Street stop. It is the southbound service seen behind the northbound one in the photo above.
Hope Street Hope Street
Looking westwards along Hope Street. The road joining Hope Stret in the foreground is Bent Street, which is ironically perfectly straight. In the distance is the Moonee Ponds and Essendon area. I like how the old shop on the left in the midground has been incorporated into a more modern house.

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