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I am far too easily amused

Andre is the #217 most common male name.
0.076% of men in the US are named Andre.
Around 93100 US men are named Andre!

Shame it doesn't have the stats for Australia, but oh well. I'm not overly surprised by that result. The following results, however, surprised me.

Andre is the #4458 most common last name.
0.003% of last names in the US are Andre.
Around 7500 US last names are Andre!

Wow, that many people have Andre as a last name. Fascinating.

Andre is the #2525 most common female name.
0.002% of females in the US are named Andre.
Around 2550 US females are named Andre!

What the ADAM CLAYTON POPTART? There are females out there named Andre? What the Zooropa? What the MacPhisto? What the < insert U2 euphemism of choice >? That's just ... amusing and ODD.

What I also found interesting was that my last name is more common as a first name than Andre. And it's a rather uncommon last name. Which is good, yes.

And now for my alteregos and alternative names ...

Andrzj Bretowskij, my name in Polish, turned out to be very rare. No surprises there. Similar result for (The) Popmartian, TEH EDGE, and Axver.

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