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Wow, time really flies. I can remember exactly where I was a year ago at this very moment. Luke and I were standing on a hill looking into ANZ Stadium, Brisbane, as a Queensland tropical storm broke above us and U2 played a dress rehearsal for their first gig in months the next night. Luke was under the shelter of my umbrella. My right arm and notepad for setlist details were also safely under the umbrella. Meanwhile, the rest of me was in the pouring rain, getting abso-fucking-lutely drenched. That's what you call dedication to setlists. A good time was had by all. The setlist is here, down in the soundcheck portion for Monday 06/11. And this is the article I wrote for U2VT after we got back home.

Last November really was such a load of fun. I travelled, I caught up with loads of cool people, and I saw seven really cool gigs, plus the aforementioned dress rehearsal. I saw the real One None Tree Hill, walked down the Onehunga Branch, and got delayed on a Melbourne tram because of a guy with bongos. I got to use German with real Germans who smuggled cameras and tape recorders into concerts; I met Danes who spoke English better than most of the native speakers I've ever met; I watched a bunch of Sydneysiders create a bizarre form of "queue cricket" with a tennis ball and jandals (that's flip-flops for the Yanks) while our entrance to Telstra Stadium was delayed. We got songs like One Tree Hill, The First Time, Party Girl, and Kite. Damn it was awesome fun.
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