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The following people/organisations/things are bastards;

My school - I got caught using a messageboard on a school computer (Wow, what a crime!), and so I can only assume my computer usage will now be monitored more than before. Grr. Why can't we use school computers for stuff other than schoolwork? I'm trying to think of a reason why I could go to U2 websites and count it as schoolwork. In fact, that's the only downside of quitting RAE: they have to an assignment on their hero (I would've done Bono or U2), and so then I would have actually had an excuse. But, never mind. I'll have to think of something new and clever. I value the time I spend on the school computers surfing U2 websites because it wastes someone else's download limit, not mine! Bwahaha.

Tyndale - need I even elaborate?

Grisoft - I was downloading an update for my virus scanner (all of 1.5mb which I can't spare in the first place), and, just as the thing is about to finish downloading, I get told the file is damaged and can't be used. Stupid bastards, wasting my download. Grr, I could've put that towards Clocks by Coldplay or Another Day by U2 when I finally track it down.

Crappy forwards - I am sick of moronic, unintelligent forwards. I don't mind clever, witty, intelligent ones, and surveys can be fun (and humorous if done well), but stupid bloody ones like "How to kiss" and "Title of story you've already been sent a million times" drive me up the wall. I especially hate those ones that say "If you believe in God, you will forward this on." Those piss me off something fierce. I believe in God, and I believe He doesn't want me to make others endure this crappy forward, so I will NOT send it on. Suck on that, moron-who-wrote-it.

The people who design some TV ads - truly, some of these are horrid and painful. Kill them, kill them, kill them all! (Both the ads and the writers) I pity the actors in them.

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