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The Electric Co,

Somebody cry, somebody cry, somebody cry
Well somebody try, somebody try, somebody try something quick
Don’t you look back, don’t you look back, don’t you look back
Well somebody cry, somebody cry, somebody cry
Well I can’t see why or
What for!
What for!
What for!

Break it up!

Boy, stupid boy
Don’t sit at the table
‘Til you’re able to
Toy, broken toy
You shout and shout
You’re inside out

‘Til you don’t know, Electric Co. (Electric Co.)
‘Til you don’t know (Electric Co.), Electric Co.

Red, running red
You play for real
The toy could feel
A hole in your head
You go in shock
You’re spoon-fed

‘Til you don’t know, Electric Co. (Electric Co.)
‘Til you don’t know (Electric Co.), Electric Co.

Break it up!
Hoo, hoo

I love the crowd …

Rip it up!

If you don’t know, Electric Co. (Electric Co.)
If you don’t know (Electric Co.), Electric Co.
If you don’t know, Electric Co. (Electric Co.)
If you don’t know (Electric Co.), Electric Co.!

Good freaking Zooropa case, people bloody well get on my nerves. Maybe I have a temper problem but I don’t care. I’m perfectly calm and civil around people I LIKE, just don’t go out of your way to piss me off, and at least bloody well hear me out. I’m sick of people who think they are right and I’m wrong because of who they are and who I am, I’m sick of people who go out of their way to piss me off, I’m sick of … people. I would be perfectly happy if I could just spend time with people I like, and if people bloody well would listen to me. If I tell you to shut up and stop speaking to me, you don’t bloody well go and keep on talking to me! Not only is that sheer stupidity, it shows your level of maturity, or lack thereof. People need to learn that when someone tells them to shut up and go away, you don’t continue what you’re doing, you shut up and go away. Is that too hard to understand? Is that too logical for some people? What the bloody MacPhisto is wrong with these morons? I felt like yelling out “Leave me the fuck alone!”, but not only did I fear that to be an overuse of language, I also didn’t fancy an after school or Saturday morning detention.

Grr, maybe inside I am just a little five year old who wants everything to go his own way. Or at least pleasantly, calmly, smoothly, and (at least semi) predictably. For example, right now I’m trying to get online (I’m currently writing in Word because I need to vent), and it connected straight away using the old number (which I’ve been using the past few days because it’s FAST), but now they’ve told me I cannot use it any more, and I have to use the new number and connect to the new network, which is terribly bloody slow and it pisses me off. Why can’t I have the old number? Why can’t I just freaking connect within the first few bloody attempts? Is it too much to ask? Is it too much, just like asking people to leave me alone?

I’m sick of these people who dislike me, continually trying to talk to me. They do that annoying friendly talk, that friendly talk that any intelligent person can tell is simply condescending and mocking. It drives me insane. I tell them to go away, be quiet, and leave me alone, but these stupid miserable faggots seem to not hear that and keep it up. Am I speaking a foreign language here? Has Indonesia invaded and I simply haven’t been informed? Why won’t people just listen to me and leave me alone when I tell them to leave me alone?

Even online it happens. People think it’s their God-given right to talk to me at any time, and so, at any given moment, I can be talking to six or seven people (which I HATE, I like to only talk to a few, unless I like all six-seven and want to talk to all of them), and I’m too polite to say “rack off” or “please, leave me alone.” (By the way, if you’re on my LJ friends list, or I initiated the conversation with you, it’s pretty safe to assume I do want to talk to you – I’m mainly referring to annoying bloody teenyboppers)

What I hate is people who simply think that because of who they are and who I am, they are automatically right. For example, me and Mum, when coming home, saw something utterly moronic happen right before our very eyes (some drivers truly are pathetic), but our versions of events differed, we got into an argument over it, and she seemed to just assume that because she’s the mother and I’m the son, she’s automatically right. Grr. At least this was a rare occurrence, so I can be thankful for that. But at school … I hate it how teachers seem to think they are infallible or that students aren’t allowed to question their judgements. For example, today, the chaplain, Mr Matthews (not his real name), ordered me outside because Nick was pestering me and I was (loudly) telling him to go away. I turned round and demanded to know why I should go outside when Nick was the one at fault, and he just kept on telling me to go out. Eventually I did – my exit involved running and the slamming of a door. He told me I need to restrain my anger and if Nick was annoying me, to tell one of the teachers around, but, honestly, I can’t stand Nick so I’m not about to control myself when around him (yes, I should, but I don’t care a terrible lot), and when he’s pissing me off, the last thing I think to do is jump up and go “Ooo, Miss/Sir, Nick’s annoying me!” and sound like some whiny taddle-tale.

Oh, finally, I got online after what? 36 attempts or so. Ah, something good, even if it did take a while. Another good thing to happen today was that I finally got my semester one report. My marks;

Religion And Ethics (which I have just quit): Very High Achievement (VHA), which is the first time I’ve ever gotten that in 3 ½ years of RAE.
English: VHA (A pleasant surprise)
Maths B: HA (brilliant term 2 result got dragged down by atrocious term 1 result)
Maths C: HA (same as for Maths B)
Drama (which I just quit for Study of Religion): [a very low] HA (it’s impossible to get much beyond a B (B = Average HA) in Drama, even for the best students)
Geography: VHA (it and German are traditionally my best subjects)
German: VHA
Modern History: Sound Achievement

That last result I want to whine about. It would’ve been a high HA had I not got an E for Research. That E DOES NOT MAKE SENSE! There is no reason why I should’ve gotten an E. It’s completely illogical. If it’s because I didn’t present notes with my assignment for last term, it’s because I had to write it in one freaking week (bloody exam week, too) and my initial notes morphed into my final draft, so I had nothing else to hand in. I’m truly pissed off about this and Mum’s going to phone and complain.

On a better note, I had my first Study of Religion lesson today, and it was fascinating. We’re doing cults this term, and currently we’re focusing on the Jehovah’s Witnesses, to see if they’re a cult (current findings: yes, they’re a cult). Not only am I very interested in SOR, I feel I can do well in it.

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