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You know, it's very difficult to write when you have nearly no restrictions at all. I can't recall if I mentioned this on LJ last year, but in any case, I was invited to submit an article to UQ's Political Science journal. In other words, I can write pretty much whatever I like as long as it has some sort of connection to PolSci. It's a great opportunity, but the problem is that I simply cannot seem to find a topic or an argument that seems both 1. good enough for submission and 2. interesting and on my level. I don't want to really charge in over my head; I'm very conscious of the fact that I am, after all, merely a second year PolSci student without an extensive knowledge of theorists. So I don't want to tackle anything that's really completely beyond me and will require an inordinate investment of time. However, the ideas I do have seem pathetic, they strike me as straight out of high school or just an expression of some sort of frustration or dissatisfaction. Furthermore, they aren't particularly original! I don't even really know where to look for inspiration. Right now, I feel motivated but uninspired; determined to go somewhere but stalled in mediocrity.

And wow, I can't believe it's been nearly two weeks since I've written an update. I feel like I've only missed 2-3 days. Time flies at such a ridiculous pace. It's now the second last week of classes for the semester, then a week of swot-vac (that would be Study Without Teaching Vacation for those of you in countries without that term), then three weeks of exams during which I have two essays due in the first two weeks and two exams in the third week, and then a month of holidays. Sounds nice. I can't believe how lightly I get off with exams. Also, I've been doing pretty nicely with my assessment tasks thus far. I was nervous about how marking standards would differ between UQ and Melbourne, but I needn't have been. All four assessment items I've received back thus far have been H1, that is honours first class, 80-100%. I'm a bit nervous about how the exams will go though, as I feel they are for the two subjects whose potential exams would be the hardest and require the most study. Oh well, I've got plenty of time! Now let's see how I do on the procrastination front ...

On a lighter note, I really love little kids on trams. A few days ago, there was this adorable girl on my tram, she can't have been older than three. My tram route (the 55 for those who know the Melbourne network) is one of the few that has part of its route off the road network - it runs through Royal Park past the Melbourne Zoo, so it's popular with tourists. This part of the line is more like that of a train, and it evidently confused the girl. As soon as the tram turned off Flemington Road and began running through the park, she looked up at her Dad in confusion and asked "is this a twam or a twain?". But the cutest moment came when the tram reached the Zoo stop and her family went to hop off. With absolutely no prompting at all, she just looked up at the driver with this big smile and said in a loud, cheery voice, "thank you for the lovely ride!" I think the entire tram let out a collective "awwww!" at that one.
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