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A letter to an incompetent excuse for a television network

Channel 9,

Your coverage of the Cricket World Cup has been shameful, even criminal. Buying the rights to all the games and then onselling all but ten (i.e. roughly one sixth) of them to pay TV network Foxtel was disgusting, especially considering that the average Australian does not subscribe to Foxtel and this is Australia's national game. The commentary has been woeful, full of misinformation and laziness. The promotion has been pathetic and essentially non-existent. There have been no highlights packages during reasonable viewing hours for those of us not willing to stay up and watch games live from the West Indies between 11:30pm and 8am eastern Australian time. There has been absolutely no willingness to alter schedules or reach arrangements with Foxtel to broadcast notable games for the entire country to see - I suppose Guthry-Renker Australia Home Shopping or re-runs of Benny Hinn and Good Morning America are such significant 3am ratings drawcards after all!

But of all of the crimes, the worst is this: the complete lack of coverage of the final game ever of Brian Lara. One of the greatest batsmen of all time, one of the icons of the game, one of the most famous sportsmen on the planet is bowing out and you can't even be bothered to show it. Go fuck yourselves, you useless corporate wankers. This moment of cricket history should be broadcast for everyone to see, not burrowed away on a pay TV network that charges exorbitant fees and, even at the start of March, was incapable of connecting anyone in time for the World Cup final at the end of this month. Your inability to show this moment or almost anything else from this tournament goes to show your complete and utter worthlessness, the way you hurl yourself at a potential profit without a moment's forethought, and that you are not fit to cover any event of significance. Australia deserves better than this. The World Cup deserves better than this. Brian Lara and his fans and appreciators deserve better than this.

Fuck you,
A Very Disappointed Cricket Fan
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