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Axver's adventures in the real world II: Weird people at traffic lights.

Dear various Melbournians I have seen in the last month,

No matter how many times you hit the button to activate the walk signal at traffic lights, it will not give you the walk until it reaches the appropriate part of the cycle. It does not just automatically change when you push the button. Please stop excessively pushing the button. That's what seven year olds do.



This entry was brought to you by the amazing guy I saw a week or two ago on Royal Parade. I was just lingering on the corner with Grattan Street, waiting for Kate, when this guy walked up to the intersection and pushed the walk button. When nothing happened in a couple of seconds, he pushed it again. Then he waited a couple more seconds and pushed it a few times. Then he waited a couple more seconds and started pushing it repeatedly. The walk light stubbornly remained red and he started to push it frantically. With no change in sight, he upped the tempo. Then he just started hitting the button furiously with this deadly scowl on his face! Eventually, he gave up, sighed in irritation, and took a couple of steps back from the intersection with a frustrated look on his face. A few more seconds later, the lights finally changed and he got the walk.

I do not know how I managed to contain my laughter. It took a lot of effort, I assure you.
Tags: axver's adventures in the real world, idiots, impatience, melbourne, traffic lights

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