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A neat little forward I wrote that rips off all those crappy forwards

Hi there folks! This is how to kiss! Firstly, check to make sure you have lips! No, wait, this is not how to kiss! This is some random tale about a poor little boy in Russia who doesn't even exist. This poor little guy doesn't have a heart, but he can have one transplanted into him! He needs money, though, to get this operation, and some fake Lebanese charity will give him 0.0002 cents (!!!) for every time this is forwarded on! So make sure you forward this on and subject some other poor sod to another meaningless forward that promises you a lot but does absolutely NOTHING!

If you send this to NO-ONE, not only are you a terrible person and will rot for all eternity, but you will also have a year of bad luck! Somehow this forward can determine your fate! Tremble, tremble in fear, oh mortal!

If you sent this to 1-3 people, you will wake up with goo on your face, as no consequence of sending this forward on. Sending it to 1-3 people will do exactly the same as if you send it to 4-12: absolutely NOTHING!

But forward this on to 13-45 people, and you will be given or find money at some point in the next 365 days! So if you get or find any money, any money at all, it is a direct result of you sending this forward on. I don't know how this works, BUT IT DOES! Trust me! A friend sent this forward on yesterday (even though it didn't exist then because I'm oinly typing it out now), and they found thirty cents under the seat at the movies today. So it works!

Forward this on to 46+ people, and you will get an e-mail in reply. The contents will explain just what the story about the old French woman at the beginning of this e-mail means! So send this on to 46+ people or you will be tormented for the rest of your life, wondering just what that story means! The agony of not knowing could be unbearable, so don't run the risk!

And if you forward this on, something NEAT will appear on your screen. I don't know how it works, but, when I sent this on - even though I haven't yet! - something appears, and it is really NEAT! So forward this on and see for yourself!

DISCLAIMER: This forward is not in any way serious. If anything promised in this forward actually happens, it was not as a result of this forward and just plain co-incidence, or, for you people who don't believe in co-incidence, it was simply something that happened that some forward insulting all those other pathetic forwards also mentioned. If you do not send this on and DO end up having a year of bad luck and rotting for all eternity, I am innocent of any responsibility. It's just that you really are a terrible person. So sorry.
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