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You'd think that someone such as myself would have a fair bit to say about Bush's State Of The Union address. You’d think that in the time that has passed since it was made, I would have fumed and crafted some lengthy and fiery rant. Honestly? I couldn't bring myself to be interested this year. Paying Bush even a modicum of attention is not worth the heightened blood pressure. I have absolutely no time for anything that man has to say, nor the desire to even pretend I give a toss about him. I can no longer even stand the sound of his voice and often simply change the channel when he comes on TV. Some people are so totally worthless, such wastes of oxygen that they are not worth the time of day, and George "I'm A Smarmy Bastard With The Mental Agility Of A Glacier" Bush is right at the top of my Sod Off Because I Don't Care list. As far as I'm concerned, everything he says is nothing short of hot air and thoroughly redundant. I'll waste my time on things that matter rather than some president without a shred of credibility to wipe his arse with.

What bothers me as much as the fact this incompetent turnip is the leader of the world’s sole hyperpower is that Australia's current government is so dreadful that I think they even leave the Yanks for dead and I am thankful that John Howard & Co. are the arse-lickers rather than the ones having their arses licked in the grand scheme of world politics. Reading through a list of ministers is a horrifying thing to do. Peter Costello, the amazingly drab Treasurer who should have been kicked in the nuts for proclaiming that Australian couples need to have "one child for the mother, one child for the father, and one child for the country!" Sure, if the country will pay every expense related to the child! Then there’s Alexander Downer, the Foreign Minister with an amazingly appropriate last name given how much of a bloody downer he is and how inane every damn word that comes out of his mouth sounds. Or how about Philip Ruddock, the man who was rewarded for a controversial (re: bigoted and narrowminded) career as Immigration Minister and Indigenous Affairs Minister with the title of Attorney-General! Or Tony Abbott, who seems to think that his socially conservative Catholic views are actually the law of Australia and should be applied to the lot of us! And then there is the one politician I despise more than any on the face of this planet, the person appropriately described by Wayne Swan as "a political hyena who takes delight in attacking society's most vulnerable", the reprehensible Amanda Vanstone. I sometimes wonder if she is the even more foul Australian edition of New Zealand's former Prime Minister, Jenny Shipley. Sure, the US may have or had such dimwits as Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and Tom DeLay, but they never had Amanda Vanstone. Keith Olbermann, next time you do your "worst person in the world", make sure Amanda Vanstone is right at the top.

So there's a brief return to my politically themed writing. On a lighter note, this evening, I watched the TV show Black Books for the first time. I'd previously caught a couple of Dylan Moran's stand-up comedy gigs on TV and he amused me a good deal, so when I saw that Black Books was going to be on, I made a point of checking it out. That was some pretty funny stuff; the Brits and Irish certainly know how to do comedy better than anyone else. Now if only I had the money to buy some Blackadder DVDs ...
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