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My Dad called tonight. Rather a non-event, really. We didn't talk about a great deal beyond the marvellous rugby union victory and some pay dispute between the NZ Rugby Players' Association and the NZ Rugby Football Union. I sure hope this dispute doesn't ruin things for us in the World Cup, and I'm peeved that I've heard so little news about it. But I'm in Australia, so what do you expect? Not like the Aussie media cares.

Then I watched the first episode of the fourth series of The Mole. That was rather good, especially seeing I was right as to who would get kicked off first. Well, I didn't watch ALL of it. I missed portions at the start because I was watching the Rattle And Hum video - the version of Bad on there is my favourite song and I simply needed to hear it. And an ad on TV tonight had part of Clocks by Coldplay, and I REALLY want to download that now. I'll be careful with my download tomorrow so hopefully I'll be able to get it ... hopefully ...

Now I'm waiting on my Grandad to phone me. He lives in NZ. I just had to disconnect from the Internet for that reason. But if he doesn't call in the next few minutes, I'll simply reconnect. I sent him a text message, asking him if he was calling, but, as yet -


Heh, just as I typed that, Grandad phoned. We had a rather good conversation - I get on well with him. Shame he's all the way back in NZ. He keeps on saying he'll come over for a holiday or move over, but he just doesn't have the money too. Oh well, hopefully some day ...

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