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Ah, good times: late last night, my DSL Internet burst into life. Of course, that was just after the light fixture in my lounge fell from the ceiling and was left dangling by one thick wire. Oh, the excitement never ceases at Axverland! The light is safely back in the ceiling now, though, and I'm happily back on my high speed Internet. Everything seems to be finally settling down here after so much craziness. I'm hoping that I can have a quiet weekend before hopefully getting into the swing of things and finding my feet here in Melbourne. It would be nice to simply rest after all that has gone on in the last fortnight, though my mother could certainly use rest even more than I do. She's still not feeling spectacular and the diagnosis is acute pancreatitis, though with still more tests to go. It is controllable, not curable, and rather scarily for all concerned, she was informed by her doctor that what happened back on the day of my move was actually close to being fatal. Thank fuck I phoned 000 when I did, though I can't help feeling bothered by how long they took to respond. They didn't turn up until 15 minutes after I made the call despite the fact they weren't coming from that far away. Maybe my call didn't make things seem urgent enough.

Of course, it doesn't help that my mother was trying not to make things seem urgent either - the closest hint to how bad the pain actually was came when she said the pain was "worse than childbirth", and that was only after the paramedics arrived. My family has a habit of doing this. My mother's notorious for pretending she's quite alright when she isn't, and her mother even moreso. Nan will never ever live down one incident from a few years ago when she was competing in a long distance cycling event in the southern North Island. She came off her bike in a tunnel on the track that follows the route of the former Rimutaka Incline railway and shattered her shoulder, but just shrugged it off as "a minor fall" and completed the competition - with the finish line days away. I don't doubt that her failure to seek any form of medical attention at all until she finished the competition contributed to how bloody long it took her shoulder to mend! If there is one family trait I'm glad I don't have, it is that blind refusal to heed injury.

On a totally unrelated topic, I never realised just how much I'd gotten used to living in Queensland. Daylight savings down here is really throwing me off; it seems obscene for it to still be light at 8:30pm. In fact, as I type this, it's 9pm and I can still see some light on the horizon from my lounge window. It just feels wrong to be cooking dinner while it is still as bright as 3pm. I feel like I should be making a late lunch! I'm so used to starting on dinner when it gets dark. In fact, while Nan was here, we clearly still ran on Queensland time as none of our dinners came earlier than 8:30pm. I'm sure that given some time, I'll adjust quite easily, though I still don't see the point in daylight savings. I really don't care either way whether it is or isn't used, though it's not something I feel is worth implementing in areas that don't already have it, and resetting clocks can be a bit of a pain. Ah well, I suppose I might appreciate the extra light more when I have places to go, things to do, and a Kate to take out on dates. Or, being an albino, I wouldn't be shocked if I just got sunburnt and cursed daylight savings all the more!
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