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OK, very quick update today.

The good news first: my mother has been discharged from the hospital and is now an outpatient. They need to do more tests but her normal doctor can run those or refer her to the loca hospital. At the moment, they suspect the pains are the result of some sort of stone in her pancreas, and some kind of connection between this stone and acute pancreatitis, but this isn't a definite diagnosis yet. I'm just glad Mum was well enough to come home today, though she can't fly down to Melbourne for a couple of weeks.

So that leads to the bad news. I have to leave for Melbourne tomorrow. I just had to say goodbye to Mum, which sucked a lot. I'm going with my Nan. My stuff was meant to be delivered at 1:30-3:30pm tomorrow, but we got a call this evening that the truck now won't be arriving in Melbourne until Sunday and the delivery to me will take place on Monday. That sure threw a spanner in the works as I didn't get word of this until it was past the deadline to reschedule my flight or contact the Uni of Melbourne that I won't be there early on Monday, so I have to go down on the original plan, pick up my key for my new house tomorrow and go to the uni as normal early Monday - but this means that unless one of our Melbourne contacts has two spare beds, Nan and I will be sleeping on airbeds in a nearly empty unit for two nights! Grreeeaaaaat. Thanks for sucking, Though, to be fair, at least this puts me out less than the $3,500 I would have had to pay for a dedicated removalist.

So this weekend will be interesting, with no Internet access unless I go to an Internet cafe, and besides that, very little of anything really. Nan and I will make do somehow, heh. For now, I should be off to bed as we have an early flight, but I'm nervous and keep staying awake despite my intentions to get rest. Have a good one, folks, and I hope to see you all sooner rather than later.

PS England, your cricket team sucks.
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