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Just a quick update today, as I'm dead tired and want to go to bed as soon as possible. Things are looking a little better today, though still quite stressful and worrisome on multiple fronts. My mother felt a bit worse this morning compared to yesterday, but she's improved during the day and when I went to see her this afternoon, she'd really perked up. It was quite a change from Tuesday night: then, she was lying on a bed in a corridor of A&E, plugged into all kinds of machines; now, she's in a ward with her own semi-private room and was freed of the machines a couple of hours before I arrived. It was really great to see her getting up, walking around. She looked and sounded so much healthier too, though certainly not like her usual self.

The doctors seem a bit closer to a diagnosis. They've ruled out her heart as the cause, and though they then moved onto suspicions with her liver and kidneys, they seem to have now discounted that too. Right now, idications point towards trouble with her pancreas, e.g. pancreatitis. However, whether that is a possible diagnosis depends very much on some test results that will come through tomorrow morning. I just want a diagnosis, an end to this mystery, and naturally I want the diagnosis to be something easily treated. I just want my mother back to health. It feels so wrong that she won't be coming down to Melbourne with me on Saturday, even though we've arrived for my Nan to come. I always expected this week to be nicer, a week to catch up with friends before traveling with Mum to Melbourne, not a week ruled by worry and trips to my mother in hospital. Ah well, this week and next and all their associated problems will soon pass, and by mid-February, things should be looking quite positive. Even if the bank balances of myself and the rest of my family look like they've taken a hammering. Any millionaires out there feeling generous? Heh ...
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