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Axver's crazy U2 escapades

I've finally finished writing my reviews of the U2 concerts I attended in November and I figure at least some people on my friends list would be interested in reading about my experiences at the shows. I think I've already posted about the notable non-concert events, and to save me repeating what I've already written, I will simply use this post as a reference tool listing my reviews over on

Brisbane, 07/11: setlist and review
Sydney, 11/11: setlist and review
Sydney, 13/11: setlist and review
Melbourne, 18/11: setlist and review
Melbourne, 19/11 (second best show): setlist and review
Auckland, 24/11: setlist and review
Auckland, 25/11 (best show): setlist and review

I'm not sure whether I would consider the second Auckland show to be superior to the latter two of the three I saw in Boston in May last year or not. They were all absolutely incredible concerts.

Oh yeah, and I'm the guy on the right holding the sign! That's from the second Auckland show. We were trying to get the band to play Slow Dancing, the only b-side to have been performed on every single tour since its debut but yet to appear on the Vertigo Tour. We even had a lyric sheet with chords, and that sort of stuff has prompted the band to take up fan requests before, but unfortunately they didn't this time.

And it's late, so that shall be the extent of my update. Either tomorrow or the next day, I plan to write something political. I've had a half-written entry in my head for the last few days and it's got to come pouring out sometime soon!

Have a good one, folks.
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