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Well, today I received my results for the second semester of university. I'm pretty pleased with them indeed.

For those unfamiliar with the system here, our GPAs range from 1 to 7. The specific categories are as follows:

1: 0-34% - Serious Fail
2: 35-46% - Fail
3: 47-49% - Fail (used to be a Conceded Pass)
4: 50-64% - Pass
5: 65-74% - Credit
6: 75-84% - Distinction
7: 85-100% - High Distinction

My results this semester:

HIST1600 History of the Future: 7
HIST1601 Turning Points in World History: 7
POLS1203 Great Issues of International Relations: 6
POLS2404 Politics of Development: 7
Semester GPA: 6.75
I believe that makes my overall GPA for the year 6.875.

I'm really thrilled about the POLS2404 result. It was my first higher level course, and as a first year student, I wasn't sure just how well I would do at that level. I went into it fully expecting to do no better than a 6, so I'm absolutely thrilled to have received a 7. The solitary 6 in POLS1203 is no surprise as I really did not enjoy that course and I would have dropped it if it weren't compulsory for IR students. It could have been quite a good course, but the lecturers tended to be extremely poor speakers and I think it is the worst course I've taken thus far at university. I actually think it's remarkable that I got a 6 despite my disinterest.

This puts my mind at ease about Melbourne, in any case. I'm pretty sure that with results like these, I needn't worry all too much about the University of Melbourne rejecting my application!
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