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Back home at last

Dear New Zealand,

What has happened to you? Is something wrong? I was rather taken aback by some of the behaviour I encountered during my stay in Auckland. In the past, I have always looked forward to returning to New Zealand, as Kiwis in my experience are nice, kind, generous, thoughtful people and it's always a delight to be back in the society. However, this time around, with few exceptions, the nice, kind, generous, thoughtful people were foreigners, be they Australian, American, or Danish, and the locals were rude, aggressive, stubborn, inconsiderate wankers.

Perhaps it is true after all: there is no New Zealand north of the Bombay Hills. My experiences this weekend certainly were not illustrative of the New Zealand I know. I never thought I'd be glad to farewell New Zealand, but I had no objections to flying out of Auckland this morning.


A Disappointed Kiwi

PS But at least we bloody flogged the Welsh in the rugby!
Tags: auckland, new zealand, wankers
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