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Home from Melbourne; off to Auckland.

Well, I'm back from Melbourne, but I'm off to Auckland tomorrow, so I've a fair bit to do and this will accordingly be a quicker and shorter update than I would normally do.

My time in Melbourne was both good or bad. In most respects, it was very good, but in one important respect, it was bad and that has soured the trip a bit for me. As far as the good goes, Melbourne is an absolutely lovely city. I really enjoy being there - you can find some excellent food there, the heat's not as stifling or suffocating or obnoxious-all-bloody-day as in Queensland even though I hit a warm patch, and naturally, I adore the trams (except when aggressive East Timorese bongo players cause delays!). I know I am going to enjoy living there.

And that's where the bad comes in. For a start, I'm used to real estate agents being not necessarily the most wonderful people unless you want to spend sums of money in the millions, but my goodness, some of the Melbourne real estate agencies employ people who seemed to have poles shoved so far up their arse that they had punctured the oxygen supply to their brain. I have never encountered such arrogance, condescension, or plain incompetence in my life. And these were just the secretaries! Apparently, even when you go to the rentals department, the agents working there just aren't interested in talking to people about rentals. People, if you don't want to deal with rentals, don't frigging list them, and if you only want to deal with rentals for lavish penthouses, don't list rentals of a lower calibre. That's just common sense.

It doesn't help that it seems like the market's tough now, and my budget doesn't allow me access to anything particularly captivating. Mum's now decided that she thinks we should give up the search for a rental entirely and buy somewhere, while I lean more towards renting to start off with. I guess I'll take whatever I can get soon that's sufficiently satisfactory, whether it's to buy or rent. And I don't have high standards, I just want something liveable that isn't so hideous that I'd avoid inviting anyone over. I just feel so disheartened. Getting somewhere here in Brisbane was so much easier, though I blew my budget in a big way and had the good fortune to quickly stumble across a wonderful flatmate with whom I could split costs and avoid losing truckloads of cash. I was hoping I would return to Brisbane with a lease signed for somewhere in Melbourne, but alas, I have not. I feel very disappointed.

Well, that's actually more than I intended to write. I better continue packing for Auckland. I've been feeling rather sick lately, though I think it's just hayfever and it better pass soon. I should be alright for the concerts at least, and I am very much excited about the prospect of hearing One Tree Hill, my favourite song ever. I do wish I were going to Wellington rather than Auckland, but such is life. I'll be entirely incommunicado in Auckland barring some form of a miracle; hopefully the Internet withdrawal won't be too bad. Have a good one, folks!
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