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Somebody got THUMPED

In the Bledisloe Cup rugby union, at Stadium Australia, Sydney, the Australian Wallabies were DESTROYED, DEMOLISHED, and HUMILIATED by the New Zealand All Blacks, 50-21. It was a walkover and Joe Rokocoko and Douggy Howlett are two of the greatest rugby players in the world today. It was conclusive, a marvellous victory, a RECORD VICTORY by NZ over Australia. NZ is definitely the best team in the Southern Hemisphere, possibly the world (basically it's between them and England). WHAT A GAME! WHAT A GAME! KIWI, KIWI, KIWI! I am still stunned, amazed, and in awe of what I just saw. Australia was ripped apart.

However, I would not yet call the All Blacks great. This is not NZ a la Sean Fitzpatrick, Zinzan Brooke, et cetera, of 1995 (when they were RORTED in the World Cup final). They need to fix up their lineouts - just when I thought they got it right last week, they stuffed them up tonight - and a few other elements of their play also need working on, like their scrums. A bit of practice, though, and this could be a great All Blacks, like the Invincibles of 1995 (That's what they were nicknamed, I think ...).

So yes, to recap, Australia was utterly destroyed. NZ scored 7 tries, 3 by Rokocoko, to take his tally to 10 tries from 5 games, which is simply outstanding (I thought he had 8 going into this match but it must've only been 7). I am VERY HAPPY and this was just the victory I wanted to see.

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