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What a great day. The sun's setting after shining all day, the temperature's been comfortable and pleasant, the car make and driver that I support won the Bathurst 1000 (first time the driver I support has ever won in my 10 or so years of watching the event), I had the best and most cheerful conversation I've had with my father in quite a while, I had delicious Arataki manuka honey on my toast for breakfast because it is legal to bring it to Australia even though all other New Zealand honey is banned (as the manuka plant is native to Australia as well as NZ) so my grandmother brought me some of it when she was in NZ last weekend, my essay due tomorrow is coming together nicely and should be finished soon enough, and I'm listening to a song that makes me feel happy. And today also marks the ninth anniversary of my move to Australia. It's hard to believe that I've spent almost half of my life outside of New Zealand, but I'm not letting that get me down today.

I am in a good mood. I hope the rest of you are as well. Have a good one, folks!
Tags: australia, bathurst 1000, car racing, good mood, life, new zealand, university

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