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The passing of a great man.

Peter Brock, 1945-2006. RIP.

What a week; I don't believe it. First Steve Irwin, and now Peter Brock. He was such an amazing car racing driver, one of the very best to ever drive, and unlike Irwin, who I merely tolerated, I truly admired Brock.

I realise Peter Brock isn't so well-known outside Australia and New Zealand, so a little background information is probably in order. Peter Brock is most well known for his incredible skill on the Bathurst 1000, a race of 161 laps around a circuit that twists and winds around Mount Panorama in Bathurst, NSW. He won it 9 times (plus a 24 hour Bathurst race once), including 6 times in 7 years, and I'd say he was the best to ever compete in the race. He was rightfully known as the King of the Mountain.

Back when I was nine, the only sport I really cared about was rugby. I suppose I followed cricket and soccer a little, but rugby was my primary focus. But that year, during the Bathurst 1000 weekend, I was watching TV and came upon a segment about Brock's exploits and achievements. He seemed incredible, and I watched that year's Bathurst race. Brock got me into car racing, and every year since, I've sat down to watch Bathurst. I wasn't sure if I would this year as I've got a busy schedule, but now I will definitely make time to watch it in memory of Peter Brock.
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