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A rant about the wilfully ignorant and other irritating types.

For some stupid reason, I recently returned to I was banned all the way back in July 2004, but I was unbanned sometime late in 2005 and I have sporadically visited ever since then. In about May or June, I just got completely sick of the place and stopped posting, but in the last few days, for whatever crazy reason, I made a return.

I can't fathom why. Whenever I post on that forum, I feel as if I am stepping into a land untouched by the Enlightenment or by any intellectual development since about 1100. Maybe I'm just a sucker for punishment. I think the best way to sum up the forum is by presenting an example of one recent thread: "is it sinful to learn about other religions?"

No, but it is (or should be) sinful to fail to use the brain that God gave you. Humans didn't evolve (or have created, if that floats your boat) brains so that they could just fill up empty space inside our heads. We have them for a reason; in fact, plenty of reasons, such as to learn, analyse, and interpret. It just astounds me to encounter people who reject the use of reason and view it as some kind of sin against God. If you believe you were created by God, wouldn't a logical extension of that be that God created your ability to think and reason, and thus you should utilise your brain as a glory to him and to know him better?

Or am I just a heathen? This site, Fundies Say The Darndest Things, just blows my mind. No wonder Christianity has such a poor reputation amongst many parts of the community. The laughable part is that some Christians very genuinely think they are doing other people a service and just don't stop to think and realise what they are doing is actually working to the detriment of the cause they are trying to advance. They don't even stop to consider that referring to people as lost and damned marginalises them as inferior individuals and that having someone assert their superiority and holiness over you is quite off-putting.

And I'd love to continue this rant but I just noticed the time and I haven't done half the work I intended to do this evening. Have a good one, folks!
Tags: christianity, faith, fundies, god, knowledge, reason, religion, stupid people
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