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Pluto and music, a random combination

For today's entry, I shall post some thoughts I've mentioned to a few folk before but have never really gotten around to posting as an entry. So a few of you will likely recognise the subject matter of at least half of this entry.

Firstly, the matter of Pluto. I've never had a great deal of an interest in astronomy; it largely disinterests me, and I don't feel particularly strongly about whether or not Pluto is a planet. However, I do believe that in general understanding, Pluto will continue to be considered a planet, much like we continue to refer to Europe as a continent even though it is really part of the Eurasian landmass. I can imagine "but Pluto isn't REALLY a planet" will start to become the catchphrase of the know-it-all kid in grade four worldwide.

On a totally different topic, I'm starting to feel that my musical tastes have an unintentional unorthodox tendency. All of the bands that I like a whole lot have their "classic albums" or "masterpieces" that fans widely acknowledge and praise, the sort of album that is rarely criticised and fans that dislike it stand out as a bit atypical. So of course, I happen to dislike at least one "classic" of almost any band I'm a major fan of. This isn't exactly some conscious choice to be different; that would be stupid, and in any case, my favourite albums by some of the same bands are other widely accepted "masterpieces". For example, I hate U2's Achtung Baby, but I consider The Joshua Tree to be rightly regarded as a masterpiece. Yes, I just feel like talking about music and seeing who else agrees that certain albums should not be regarded as classics. So here's a bit of a rundown of some bands and my opinions on their classics.

U2: I hate Achtung Baby almost as much as All That You Can't Leave Behind and I don't think it is a good album in any sense. I regard The Unforgettable Fire, The Joshua Tree, and the Passengers project as U2's classics.

Dream Theater: I see a lot of praise for Scenes From A Memory and I've noticed it tends to be ranked as the best by the folks on the forums, but I consider it an average album - I like it but it doesn't stand out as exceptional in Dream Theater's catalogue. I consider their first three albums as their best (yes, including When Dream And Day Unite).

Crowded House: I see a lot of praise for Woodface, but I frankly think half of it is dreadful filler at best. The eponymous debut is excellent and Together Alone a classic.

Pink Floyd: Dark Side Of The Moon seems like just an average Floyd album to me and I don't know why it has remained a classic over all these years, and I bloody hate The Wall - I onl;y like about 2-3 songs on it and I feel it is the Floyd's worst album, even moreso than The Final Cut (I like AMLOR, thank you very much, mainly due to Sorrow). Piper At The Gates Of Dawn, Animals, and Wish You Were Here, on the other hand, are all works of absolute genius. Especially Animals.

Porcupine Tree: I tend to notice that Lightbulb Sun is praised as the best pre-In Absentia work, but I would really have to disagree there. I think it is a good album, but not a classic by any means. I think In Absentia is better than Lightbulb Sun, but I'm not sure I'd accord classic status to it either. Stupid Dream and Deadwing, however, are masterpieces of the highest calibre.

Split Enz: Time And Tide honestly loses me at points. Some parts, such as Dirty Creature, Six Months In A Leaky Boat, and Make Sense Of It are excellent songs, but tunes such as Haul Away sort of ruin it for me. Thank goodness only a couple of Split Enz fans really read my LJ as I imagine I'd get slaughtered for saying this, but I think the Enz did their best work on Frenzy.

Joy Division: Closer is boring. There, I said it. It has a few great songs (especially Atrocity Exhibition and Twenty Four Hours), but I honestly cannot recall the last time I managed to listen through all of it. On the other hand, Unknown Pleasures is a gem of the highest calibre. Songs such as Disorder, New Dawn Fades, She's Lost Control, and Interzone are fantastic and I enjoy the album incredibly much.

Anyone with me?
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