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There is something I wish I had clarified in my previous entry on the topic of religion, when I raised the topic of God being a social construct. This matter was indeed clarified in a comment thread and much of what I am about to say is pretty much based on that discussion. Firstly, I failed to state one obvious fact: God being a social construct does not in any way actually deny the existence of God. In fact, further consideration has led me to argue that real or not, God has to be a social construct; just compare the way in which a Catholic constructs God to how an Evangelical or a Calvinist does. Each group's construct of God has nuances that differentiate it from the others. However, at what point do differences become too great and two groups could not be said to be worshipping the same deity? It would be generally accepted that Catholics and Evangelicals, for all their differences, worship the same God. But how about Catholics, Evangelicals, and Muslims? If I am not mistaken, official Catholic stance is that Muslims worship the same God, but many Evangelical groups firmly assert Muslims worship a different deity. And how about Catholics, Muslims, and Zoroastrians? They are all monotheistic religions; could it be said that the societies and cultures from which these religions arose created different constructs of the same God, or are they worshipping different deities? I'm unsure I really know enough to take this train of thought much further, unfortunately ...

There was going to be more but I just can't articulate it. In fact, I feel frustrated and rather terrible. Bloody religion, eh? Sometimes I wish I were one of those mindless drones who doesn't really care either way and has no intellectual pressures on their brain.
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