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Just a few quick notes because I'm tired and want some sleep, but have been procrastinating on updating LJ all day.

1. Yesterday morning, my computer suddenly decided to work. Safe mode stalled like it did on Friday night, but when I tried loading Windows normally, it worked and it's continuing to function now. I'm baffled, but at least it's working! I'm going to be a bit nervous about whether it'll work again next time I restart, though ...

2. Went to a model railway club today and had a great time. The layout they had there was fantastic and I quite liked the size of the Sn3.5 models. I now need to track down some NZ120/TTn3.5 to see in person. I thought I had a good idea of the size but now I'm not so sure, as I haven't really been to any model railway conventions in a couple of years.

3. I am at the point where, once I have made the flights I have already booked for later this year, I intend to never fly again unless absolutely necessary. It is not because I am afraid of terrorism. The odds of being aboard a plane attacked by terrorists is remarkably slim - though if I were flying trans-Atlantic right now, I'd be a bit nervous. What gets me is the security. I just can't be bothered. I certainly hope this ban on carry-on luggage doesn't last long; I find Brisbane to Sydney boring enough, and the four hours across the Tasman would be pure hell without my discman or books (I refuse to contemplate crossing the Pacific without carry-on luggage). I'm flying to Auckland in November too. So if the ban on carry-on luggage and huge time-wasting security measures stay in place, stuff the airlines. Stuff them anyway, but stuff them all the more now. I'll go take the train, thank you very much. I'll rock up to the platform 10 minutes before my train arrives, take my luggage aboard with me, and relax as I travel through the countryside to my destination in stress-free, boredom-free comfort. I don't care if that means getting from Melbourne to the Gold Coast requires taking the XPT to Sydney, another XPT to Brisbane, and a commuter train from Roma Street to Robina; it beats the daylights out of flying.

Sure, the train may take longer. But I'd argue it's well worth it. I hate flying anyway. I used to view it with disinterest, as a means of getting from A to B, but I've flown regularly enough that I've come to hate it. The cramped quarters, the boredom, the dodgy food, the ear/head pain, the stark lack of scenery; why put myself through that when I can travel on a roomy train with good food, watch the scenery out of my window, move around as I please, eat food rather than airline imitation food, and support my favourite mode of transportation? To hell with you, air travel. Flash in the pan. Just like the Wallabies.
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