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This is probably more subdued than my usual commentary on Kiwi sporting victories

Last night, Luke and I went to see the Bledisloe Cup game between New Zealand and Australia here in Brisbane. As the Bledisloe was this year expanded to a best-of-three format, this game had the potential to be the decider as we'd already won the first encounter in Christchurch, and that was exactly what happened, with the All Blacks winning a close encounter 13-9. The Bledisloe stays where it belongs in Kiwi hands for another year!

Luke and I had fantastic seats up high, affording us a panoramic view of the game. Suncorp Stadium is a great venue and I can see why people often praise it. I was rather surprised at the large amount of All Blacks fans in attendance! We may have been a minority, but we were a damn sizeable one, with a few sections of the crowd largely black, and in my section, it felt like a majority of the fans were Kiwis. Maybe, however, that was due to the fact we were the only ones making noise! The Australians were, on the whole, fairly quiet and the atmosphere wasn't as good as I expected from a Bledisloe match.

I suppose part of the reason for the relatively subdued crowd was the fact the game itself was pretty low-scoring. Australia opened the affair with a penalty, but New Zealand quickly hit back with a great try when Rokocoko did some of his trademark work by storming down the line. Dan Carter slotted over the conversion from the sideline as if it was nothing and I thought the game was about to become a high-scoring one, with either 1. both teams exchanging tries or 2. the Kiwis running away with it. I certainly would've liked option 2! Instead, Rokocoko's try proved to be the only one of the match as it turned into a very close encounter. At half-time, I felt the All Blacks were the slightly better team; both had had their chances, but the All Blacks had successfully capitalised on theirs. The Wallabies really took the fight to the All Blacks in the second half and it turned into quite a tense game, with each side managing to score just three points a-piece. In the last five minutes, with the score at 13-9, Australia really put on a surge to break the Kiwi line and score a match-winning try, and as they were still in possession when the full time siren went, they played on and the nerves really set in for me. A try after the whistle would have been simply devastating! But luckily, the All Blacks held firm and when a penalty came, the ref blew for full time and the Bledisloe Cup stayed ours!

Luke and I decided to bolt at this stage, to try to reach the train before the bulk of the crowd, but this attempt was thwarted by Luke's poor ability to understand signs (and, I suppose, the fact I couldn't even see the signs from any reasonable distance) leading us to the wrong bloody side of the stadium! So we then fought our way back to the train station, but things didn't really work out too bad. The crowd was thick but flowing as we walked towards the station, and not long after we got there, a train showed up and we managed to get on board despite the huge amount of people. All in all, it was a good night out, no doubt due in part to the All Blacks' victory.
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