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It feels good to be a Kiwi.

First Channel 9 thought there was a soccer game between France and Toga, and now Channel 7 thinks that Australia's national anthem is God Defend New Zealand. Completely laughable. And let me just say, that with the exception of the soccer commentators on SBS, Australian commentators are the worst in the world, especially when it comes to rugby. Frankly, they haven't got the faintest clue, and it's just made worse by their complete bias. Honestly, during that broadcast, I had to wonder if I was watching the same game as they were. Apparently Australia dominated the first fifteen minutes. Says who? The statistics don't. Any moderately intelligent viewer wouldn't have said so. Australia got a lucky, opportunistic try, but otherwise, New Zealand held possession and questioned the Aussie defence. And then New Zealand turned it up a notch and Australia had no answer.

New Zealand 32 - 12 Australia. There is no question that New Zealand is the best rugby nation on earth, there never has been, and Australia needs to give up pretending that they can compete on our level. South Africa and possibly the British Lions can. Wales could in the sixties and seventies. Australia wishes they could. I have to laugh when they say the current team is a young team. There's what, one? player who's played less than five games! Players such as Gregan, Mortlock, and Larkham are past it, and the fact Ben Tune was called up to sit on the bench just goes to show the complete lack of depth in Australian rugby.

The commentators truly irritated me tonight with their complete ineptitude and inaccuracy, but that aside, I was thoroughly impressed by the All Blacks - and delighted by the fact they performed the awesome new Haka. I was a bit concerned by the inclusion of MacDonald at fullback as I used to consider him an over-rated, under-talented reserve at the best of times, but I've gained a new-found respect for him. He has come into his own and was one of the best players on the park tonight. Jerry Collins was also better than in past years, McCaw's captaincy was excellent, Kelleher performed extremely well, and Mealamu should be given some sort of award. A forward getting two tries? You don't see that all too often. His second try in particular was brilliantly spotted, taking the ball out of McCaw's hand and then essentially just stepping over the top of everyone. Our forwards are playing as if they are backs, our ability to spread the ball wide is everything I expect from top level rugby and more, our scrums possess such sheer power, and our depth is just magnificient. I am more impressed than I expected to be. That was a superb showing by the All Blacks and I cannot wait to see how they perform as the Tri-Nations progresses. I'm feeling good about our build-up towards the World Cup next year.

Oh, and Eaton, you're about twenty years too late, and you'd have looked stupid even then. Cut the damn mullet off!

Let's all bask in the glory of the All Blacks (but mute the sound, the backing music is awful). They make it look so easy and effortless.
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