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Woooow. I think I just earnt some bragging rights. I certainly did not expect this sort of result.

Now, at UQ, we are awarded a GPA between 1 and 7. Here's a quick explanation of the system:

1 - 0-34% - Serious Fail
2 - 35-46% - Fail
3 - 47-49% - Fail (used to be a conceded pass)
4 - 50-64% - Pass
5 - 65-74% - Credit
6 - 75-84% - Distinction
7 - 85-100% - High Distinction

So, this morning, our results were released online. Now, I thought I'd performed well below my best (in fact, I know I did - seriously, I wrote my POLS1301 major essay in two days when I would normally take three weeks to comprehensively research the thing), so I was expecting some solid results but not anything really outstanding.

Well, this is what greeted me:

HIST1102, Rise Of Modern Asia: 7
HIST1400, Europe 1200-1800: 7
POLS1201, Introduction To International Relations: 7
POLS1301, Modern Political Ideologies: 7
Semester GPA: 7

I said I wanted straight 7s, but I never thought I'd actually do it. Wow, I am happy. Today is a good day, folks!
Tags: good day, results, university
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