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Dear Peter Costello,

I hope that someone hits you in the face with a spade and digs that smarmy smile off your face. I hope you run for Prime Minister in the next election just so I can have the thrill of watching you lose spectacularly. I'd hate to see the Labour Party win, especially if Beazley's still at their helm, but it'd be worth it to see you suffer a crushing defeat. Frankly, you can burn in hell. Burn in hell thrice: once for your mother, once for your father, and once for your country.

Did you really think I'd be happy that the best you can offer me from that huge surplus is that now I can go even further into debt if I'd like? You're a small-minded fool, Costello, a hopeless and incompetent neoliberal fool. I wasn't expecting a return to the days of free university, but geez, throw us a bone here. Frankly, this just re-inforces my cynical opinion that this convict colony is a den of anti-intellectualism. Who cares about education and the future? Let's give high income earners tax cuts of over $100 a week! Maybe now they can buy another yacht!

One Student Very Disgruntled With The Federal Budget
Tags: anti-intellectualism, australia, economics, federal budget, peter costello, politics, university

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