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What a fantastic evening of inconveniences. My ceiling light in my bedroom has blown and I'm not going to be able to get a new bulb until Tuesday, so I'm sitting here typing in semi-darkness as there's only so much my bedside lamp can do. Then when I went to have some ice cream, I managed to somehow side-swipe a beautiful glass bowl and it slid straight off the bench and shattered into tiny little shards on the floor. I'm just amazed at how far glass can travel when it breaks. I found myself vacuuming up little pieces of it all the way over by the couch in the lounge and around the corner in the hall! I still have one other bowl exactly the same, but nonetheless, I'm really disappointed. Not only was it a nice bowl, but it was the perfect size for ice cream or fruit salad. And due to all the time I spent vacuuming and hunting out shards, I managed to almost entirely miss the show I wanted to watch on TV. I rarely ever bother to watch TV too. Maybe this was meant to be some sort of sign that my relative apathy towards anything on television that isn't Fawlty Towers, rugby, cricket, or good quality news is actually a good thing.

At least I have good music to savour. I really should be working on university assignments, but I've spent most of my time off enjoying and exploring the world of music. I fear it may be consuming my life a bit. Maybe I do actually need to re-acquire the musical ability I had as a child and try to find some talent somewhere. Then I really could record the lead single I mentioned yesterday, Your Musical Taste Sucks, and follow it with Everybody Hates Politicians, Especially When They Tell The Truth.

Well, maybe I'll write something of consequence and importance one day soon, a worthwhile entry like those I used to write. For now, I hope all of you have a good one.
Tags: accidents, breaking stuff, inconveniences, music, television

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